Adderboard for the RL78RDK

Designed by the Future Electronics System Design Center (SDC). Engineers can quickly develop a low cost daughter card implementing their own custom application. The board has a flexible assortment of common surface mount IC footprints with all pins brought out to small vias for easy wiring. With the addition of common headers, the Adder Board plugs neatly onto the RDK allowing daughter card access to most of the RL78s peripherals and I/O pins for use in their application. Fill in the form below to request your FREE Adder Board.

Don't forget to look at the RL78 Green Energy Challenge. $20,000 in cash prizes to be won. For complete details, visit here.

Don't want to sign up for the contest but interested in the RL78RDK? Click here to buy yours today.

This Future Electronics, Renesas companion board is only available to customers residing in North America.

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