Solid State Relays (SSR)

Over 1000 Solid State Relays from Crydom, Clare & Panasonic Electric Work and many more...

Future Electronics offers more than 1,000 Solid State Relays, one of the most comprehensive inventory ranges of SSRs in the industry. Our parametric filters refine your search results by Contact Current, Contact Arrangement, Output Voltage, Control Voltage, On-State Resistance and Isolation Voltage. We have a full selection of Single and Dual Channel solid state relays in SPST, SPDT, DPST and DPDT combinations, with current ratings all the way from 20mA to 250A.

Additional Solid State Relay Options:

Our Solid State Relay (SSR) product portfolio is divided into Package Styles for your convenience, so you can filter by DIP, MDIP, PDIP, SIP, SOIC, SON & SOP solutions.

If you have a brand preference (e.g. Crydom, Clare or Pansonic Electric Works, etc.) you can easily refine your search results by clicking on your chosen SSR brand below.

Solid State Relays in Production Ready Packaging and R&D Quantities

If the quantity you want is significantly less than a full reel quantity, we offer many of our Solid State Relay products on special mini-reels, giving you the convenience of being production ready, without any unneeded surplus.

In addition, we offer a unique bonded inventory program that eliminates potential problems arising from volatile market conditions like unpredictable supply of products containing raw metals and parts with erratic or long lead times. Talk with your local Future Electronics team to learn more about how you can avoid possible shortages in the future today.

Solid State Relays by:

  • Avago Technologies (23)
  • California Eastern Labs (75)
  • Clare (212)
  • Crydom (336)
  • Hongfa Relays (11)
  • International Rectifier (64)
  • Magnecraft (17)
  • Opto 22 (22)
  • Panasonic Electric Works (286)