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Microchip’s MCP603x Series of Low-Power, High-Precision Operational Amplifiers

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Microchip’s low-power Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor (CMOS) technology and implementation of non-volatile memory for in-package trimming enable the MCP6031/2/3/4 amplifiers’ extremely low offset. This minimizes error, especially at higher gains. Additionally, with an operating voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V, the amplifiers can run off of two 1.5V battery cells with full battery utilization. Their low power consumption extends battery life, and their rail-to-rail input/output structure enables greater dynamic range and better performance across the entire operating-voltage range.
Free Samples
MCP6031 Demo Board

The MCP6031 Photodiode PICtail™ Plus Demo Board demonstrates how to use a transimpedance amplifier, which consists of MCP6031 high precision op amp and external resistors, to convert photo-current to voltage.

  • Supports Microchip MCP6031 high precision op amp
  • Uses a transimpedance amplifier as sensor conditioning circuit
  • Uses a PIN photodiode (PNZ334) as light detector
  • Test points for connecting lab equipment
MCP6031 operational amplifier

The MCP6031 operational amplifier (op amp) has a gain bandwidth of 10 kHz with a low typical operating current of 900 nA and an offset voltage that is less than 150 uV. The MCP6031 uses Microchip's advanced CMOS technology, which provides low bias current, high-speed operation, high open-loop gain and rail-to-rail input and output swing. The MCP6031 operates with a single supply voltage that can be as low as 1.8V, while drawing less than 1 uA of quiescent current. The MCP6031 is available in standard 8-lead SOIC, MSOP, SOT-23 and 2x3 DFN packages. AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualification is available for this device.
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