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Infineon OPTIGA Trust X - The Perfect Choice For IoT Security
IoT connected devices have become the enablers of a new era of innovation including cloud services and artificial intelligence. With this new business, security becomes a top concern. Threats can include theft of intellectual property and personal information, interruption of operations compromising business continuity, and even endangerment to a company’s brand image and existence. The OPTIGA™ Trust X is Infineon’s response to these threats.

What is OPTIGA™ Trust X?
It is a hardware-based security solution optimized to address the requirements of IoT devices: premium security, high performance, ease of integration, support for non-rich operating systems, low power consumption, and small package size.

Use cases for the SLS32AIA020X2/4 Series: authentication, secure communication, data storage protection, key provisioning, life-cycle management, power management, secure updates, and platform integrity protection.
OPTIGA™ Trust X evaluation

The OPTIGA™ Trust X evaluation and demonstration kit is a quick and easy way of getting started with IoT security. The OPTIGA™ Trust X is an authentication device used to provide hardware security for products that are connected to a network or to the internet. The Trust X uses (PKI) keys and certificates for mutual authentication between two products/entities, and then to establish a secure encrypted communication channel between them. The Trust X can also support several other use cases such as secure updates and secure data storage.

As a full turnkey solution it comes with a high-end security controller, with an internal operating system, and Infineon also provides you with the (free) Host Code/Software libraries and API’s that can be programmed into the customers host processor/controller. The PC plug in board is based on a XMC4500 microcontroller and comes with software providing the user an intuitive graphical user interface. This allows users to try out the applications of the OPTIGA™ Trust X such as a one way authentication, insertion of cryptographic certificates as well as reading and writing data.

OPTIGA™ Trust X is a turnkey security solution for industrial automation systems, smart homes, consumer devices and medical devices. This high-end security controller comes with full system integration support for easy and cost-effective deployment of high-end security for your assets.

Integrated into your device, the OPTIGA™ Trust X supports protection of your brand and business case, differentiates your product from your competitors, and adds value to your product, making it stronger against cyberattacks.

The OPTIGA™ Trust X comes with upto 10kB user memory that can be used to store X.509 certificates. It is based on Common Criteria Certified EAL6+ (high) hardware enabling it to prevent physical attacks on the device itself and providing high assurance that the keys or arbitrary data stored cannot be accessed by an unauthorized entity. OPTIGA™ Trust X supports a highspeed I2C communication interface of up to 1MHz (FM+).
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